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Breeding & Raising Exceptional Sheepadoodles in Arizona

We specialize in raising our puppies to have exceptional health, temperament, and structure. Our goal is to raise healthy, brave well socialized puppies that will be the perfect addition to your family. Whether it be for a companion, service, hunting, agility, or all of the above- we will help find the perfect fit for both you and the puppy so you will have a lifetime of happiness together!

Our puppies are not raised in a kennel, another room, or building- They are born and raised in our living room so they are acclimated to living in a house with a family from day one.  We only have a few litters a year and only one litter at a time so we can devote 100% of our attention and time to each litter.

We DNA and OFA health test our breeding dogs and also coat trait test them to ensure they are healthy and have a correct, minimally shedding coat that they will pass on to their puppies. 

 All of our breeding dogs live in our home or in a guardian home to allow our dogs to live with a family in their forever homes from the time they are puppies. All of our sweet puppies are raised here in our home, in Chandler, Arizona, with our family, where they are loved and spoiled rotten!  

***We know know there are tons of scams, puppy mills, and back-yard breeders out there right now and it's hard to know who you can trust. We are available by phone, email, or Facetime anytime. We have references available from our puppy families if you would like to reach out to them. I can also invite you to join our Facebook Puppy Families group if you would like to see and chat with other owners. Our Facebook and Instagram pages are very active as well and have tons of videos and photos of how we raise our puppies!

You can find reviews on our FB page as well as through Google.

 ***We try to be as transparent as possible to make sure you are comfortable through the whole process!  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us!***

We offer a $300 discount to all first responders, LEO, Border Patrol, and active or retired service members.


We also donate a service prospect puppy for task specific service work or ESA to active or retired military members.

Thank you for your service!

The first 8 weeks of a puppy's life are very important.  How they are raised, treated, socialized, and trained before they leave us will impact them for the rest of their lives. We want to make sure they have the best start possible so that when they go to their new families they are healthy, happy, and well adjusted puppies. 

We socialize and train using Puppy Culture protocols as well as other socialization and desensitization methods.

We also do Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) at 3 days (if appropriate) and continue until 16 days- this helps strengthen their heart and neurological response to stress.  We then start adding different textures, sounds, environments, and controlled situations at different stages using specific training protocols. 

At 4 weeks we start conditioning puppies with a training marker as well as teach manding, and teaching positive CERs (Conditioned Emotional Responses).

We also document behavior starting at 4 weeks to help learn their personalities and at 6 weeks we do temperament testing. This gives us a snapshot of each puppy's core traits and temperament that helps us match a puppy with a family based on the family dynamic and the puppy's specific needs as well as see which puppies would be good candidates for service/ESA prospects if needed.

Check out our videos with out Doodle puppies on YouTube!


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