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Guardian Families

We have two guardian home opportunities right now.  We are wanting to keep back a female for our program to continue our lines when Poppet retires.  We also will be letting Tilly go to a guardian home after she gets fully vetted at 12 weeks.  Tilly is an Old English Sheepdog.

Being a guardian isn't for everyone as your dog would spend time away from the family.  Though its has been amazing for the guardians we have now. The pup would be at no cost to you- we retain principal ownership and you as secondary.  After they are retired we pay for the spay/neuter and transfer ownership.  You would also be compensated each litter/stud service. We will watch your dog whenever you go out of town or vacation and will also arrange pay dates, etc. so he/she is familiar and feels safe with us and in our home. You can also reach out to our guardians with questions.

For females your dog will come back to us  for one week for breeding and then 2 months for whelping and raising a litter. We usually breed two or three times then retire. For a male we would use him to breed our females and possible outside stud services. We pay all repro vet bills, etc.  You would very much be a part of our program and have a voice as without guardians we couldn't do what we do. We could keep our girls and re-home after they retire or do this- many breeders do this with great success and  I don't believe either way is the "right" way- this is just what works for us. I like that fact the dog will be with its forever family from 8 weeks on.  This was they don't become attached to us and after 3 or 4 years we have to rehome them to continue our program.  I wish we could just keep everyone forever!! But,  I honestly don't think it would be fair to do that either as I  wouldn't have enough time to devote to each and give each the attention they deserved if I had several dogs in the house!

If you think you may be interested please fill out the form below. We can talk and see if you would be a good fit.

Precedence will go to our puppy families.

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