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Available Doodle Puppies 

  About Our Available Puppies!

All of our puppies have received lots of love, attention, and socialization from birth.  We focus on temperament and structure over color. We raise out puppies on Puppy Culture protocols along with other socialization and desensitization methods. At 6 weeks we do temperament testing on all the puppies to help determine their temperament and personalities.  This helps us match a puppy with a family based on their family dynamic and the puppy's needs. For example, if a puppy is shy and timid- it will need to go to a quiet home with no small children so it will be able to come out of its shell and blossom into the best version of itself.  A confident, curious puppy, however, would be a perfect fit for an active family or family with small children.

 For this reason, we don't do puppy picks until after temperament testing. This ensures the puppy's greatest chance of success in being placed in their forever home.

Puppy picks will then go in order of deposits received so

we cannot guarantee that a specific color or gender will be available for your pick. You will choose from the puppies available and if you choose to pass on available puppies your deposit will be moved to the next available deposit spot for the next available litter.


Check out our videos of the puppies on YouTube!

Grooming is a very important part of having any Doodle.

They require daily brushing and regular grooming appointment's every 6-8 weeks to stay matt-free.

  Please visit our Grooming page to see what will be needed and required for your new puppy!

We offer a $200 discount to all first responders, LEO, BP, and active or retired service members.

Thank you for your service!

Deposit Lists

We only take 6-8 deposits before a litter is born.  If more puppies are born they will be available for a deposit.  If you are on the list for a specific litter and more puppies are born in an earlier litter you may change your deposit to that litter. Families that have placed a deposit on any litter have priority if a puppy becomes available regardless of what litter they are on.   If the puppy you want isn't available you will be moved to the next available litter. In the event this is a small litter and you do not have a pick your deposit can be moved to the next available deposit spot for the next available litter-


MMD gets 1st pick of each litter (POL).

We do not have any puppies available at this time.  Please fill out the application to secure your spot with an upcoming litter!

  Upcoming Litters

Sheepadoodle Litter

February/March 2024

Mirabel  x Murphy $2300

Black & White, Cream



1st Pick: MMD

2nd pick: Chelsie

3rd pick: Brian

4th pick: Morgan

5th pick: Vicki 

6th pick:

7th pick:

8th Pick:

Mirabel is a standard/medium Sheepadoodle. She is 70% Old English Sheep Dog and 30% Standard Poodle, respectively. Mira weighs 50 pounds. You can see more about Mirabel under the "Meet Our Doodles" tab.

This will be Mira's 1st litter! Her Mom is Poppet- who has the famous black ticking! We will be breeding Mira to Murphy an AKC Standard Poodle.  Puppies will be 50/50, respectively.

The colors we are expecting are black & white, and cream. Mira and Murphy also have ticking so puppies will as well! They will be 40-60 pounds, respectively. Puppies will have minimally shedding, correct coat. Neither parent has faded so puppies should hold their color and not fade out!

Labradoodle Litter

April/May 2024

Bella x Scout $2000

Red, Apricot & creams


1st pick: MMD

2nd pick: Laura

3rd pick: Sherri  

4th pick: 

5th pick:

6th pick: 

Bella is an apricot Labradoodle. She weighs 40 pounds.  You can see more about Bella under the "Meet Our Doodles" tab. She is our Yankee's daughter. We will be breeding her to Scout from Desert Doodles. Scout is a mini F1 Labradoodle. Puppies will be multigenerational Labradoodles with minimally shedding, correct coats.

We are expecting Red, apricot, and creams- Puppies will be 30-40 pounds, respectively, and should hold their color as neither parent has faded!  You can see Bella's previous puppies on our Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.

Sheepadoodle Litter

Summer 2024

Dolores  x Lux $2300

Black & White, Merle



1st Pick: MMD

2nd pick: Deb

3rd pick: Daniel 

4th pick: Melissa

5th pick:

6th pick: 

7th Pick:

8th Pick:

Dolores is a standard Old English Sheepdog.  She weighs 75 pounds. You can see more about Dee under the "Meet our Doodles" tab. This will be a repeat litter with Lux from The Curl Squad!

Lux is a 65-pound AKC Standard Poodle. Colors we are expecting: merle, black & white, agouti and tan point. They will be 65-85 pounds, respectively. Puppies will have a minimally shedding, correct coat.

You can see previous puppies on our Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

*Puppies will have age-appropriate shots, be de-wormed (if needed), microchipped and health checked

* One-month free Trupanion pet insurance (we do not receive compensation)

*We will send a bag of Inukshuk Professional 26/16 as well as a packet of Probiotic (We do recommend keeping the puppy on the same food for at least a month to ease stress and avoid upset stomachs while adjusting to its new home as well as continuing the probiotic to help keep their gut healthy)

*A blanket with Momma and littermates' smell to help with separation anxiety

*Toys, training treats, and clicker

*From the day the puppies are born we work with them on basic commands and manners. We use Puppy Culture Protocols for our puppy curriculum.

*When they go home they will be started on basic manners, crate training, bite inhibition, and emergency recall, and will be well on their way to being potty trained.


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