Available  Puppies

  About Our Available Doodles

All of our puppies have received lots of love, attention, and socialization from birth.  We focus on temperament and structure over color.  At 6 weeks we do temperament testing on all the puppies to determine their personalities.  This helps us match a puppy with a family based of their family dynamic an the puppies personality. For example if a puppy is shy and timid- it will need to go to a quiet home with no small children so it will be able to come out of its shell and blossom.

 For this reason we don't do puppy picks until after temperament testing. This ensures the puppy's greatest chance of success in being placed.

Puppy picks will then go in order of deposits received so

we cannot guarantee that a specific color or gender will be available for your pick. You will choose from the puppies available and if you choose to pass on available puppies  your deposit to the next available litter.


Exceptional Quality 

To succeed in producing the most amazing Doodle puppies out there, you must start with health tested, temperament tested and structurally correct dogs.  Take a moment to look at our breeding dogs. All dogs are health tested and evaluated for structure and temperament prior to being bred. We work very hard to select only exceptional dogs, and this is reflected directly in the quality of our puppies.

Sheepadoodle & Labradoodle  Puppies 

~ Our puppies are always offered to people on our deposit list first.
We go in order of each deposit received when it comes time for puppy picks at 6 weeks.
Please contact us to place a deposit or sign up for our wait list~

We offer a $200 discount to all first responders, LEO, BP, and active or retired service members.

-- If your puppy isn't available in the litter you will be moved to the next available litter. In the event this is a small litter and you do not have a pick you can either request a refund of your deposit or your deposit can be moved to the next available  litter--

*Puppies will have age-appropriate shots, be de-wormed (if needed), microchipped and health checked

* One-month free Trupanion pet insurance

*We will send a bag of starter food (Purina One Puppy) for easy transitioning if you decide to change the food.  (We do recommend keeping the puppy on the same food for a month to ease stress while adjusting to its new home)

*A blanket with Momma and littermates smell to help with separation anxiety

*Toys, chews, and treats

*From the day the puppies are born we work with them on basic commands and manners.

*When they go home they will be started on crate training, sit and lay down, emergency recall, walk on a  leash and will be well on their way to being potty trained


What will come with my puppy?

Deposit Lists

 Labradoodle Litter
summer 2021
Yankee x Sparky  $1800
all abstracts: blues,  chocolates, tan-points and phantoms
Puppies are here!!
Will Be ready to go home 1st week of September!


1st pick: Service

2nd pick: Melisa Turner

3rd pick: Melissa V

4th pick: Codi

5th pick: Jeremy

6th pick: 

7th pick:

8th pick:

9th pick:

1st pick: MMD

2nd pick: Kevin

3rd pick: Greg

4th pick: Elana

5th pick: Sydney

6th pick: Sophie

7th pick: Nicole​

8th pick: Terri

9th pick: Julie


Labradoodle Litter
Winter 2021
Ahsoka x TBD $1800
cream, apricot and reds 

1st pick: MMD 

2nd pick: Theresa L

3rd pick: Stephanie

4th:  Jerry

5th Pick:

6th pick:

7th Pick:

8th pick:

Sheepadoodle Litter
Summer 2021
Poppet x Banks  $2300
black & white, cream and white

Sheepadoodle Litter
Spring 2022
Poppet x TBD $2300


1st pick: MMD 

2nd pick: Melissa 

3rd pick: Casey

4th pick: Tatum

5th pick: Gwendolyn

6th pick:  Larry

7th Pick: Maddy

8th Pick:

Summer 2021 Labradoodle Litter
Puppies Are Here!!!


Pink Collar: Abstract Phantom Chocolate Female


Purple Collar: Abstract Chocolate Male


Yellow Collar: Abstract Phantom Male


Red Collar: Abstract Sable Female


Brown Collar: Abstract Blue Male


Grey Collar: Abstract Blue Female


Green Collar: Abstract Chocolate Male


Blue Collar: Abstract Blue Female

Orange Collar: Abstract Chocolate Male

 Summer 2021 Sheepadoodle Litter

Banks is a traditional black & white AKC Old English Sheepdog from Lakeview Old English Sheepdogs. He has been genetically health tested and cleared. Hips certified by PennHIPP.  He weighs 85 pounds.

Poppet is a F1b Sheepadoodle and weighs  70 pounds. You can see more information about Poppet under "Meet our Doodles" tab.

Their puppies should weigh around 70-90 pounds

Spring 2022 Sheepadoodle Litter
will be with Poppet. Stud TBD
 Summer 2021 Labradoodle Litter

Sparky is a Standard AKC Chocolate Parti Poodle owned by US Doodles. He has been genetically health tested and cleared. Hip certified by OFA.   He weighs 50 pounds.  Yankee is a F1b Labradoodle and weighs 45 pounds.  You can see more information about Yankee under the "Meet our Doodles" tab.

Their puppies weight about 40-60 pounds. Colors we are expecting are all abstract- black (will turn silver), phantom,sable and chocolate.

Winter 2021/2022 Labradoodle Litter

Scout is a red F1 Labradoodle from Desert Doodles. He has been genetically health tested and clear. He weighs 30 pounds.  Colors we will be expecting are red, apricots and creams. 

Ahsoka is a F1bb cream Labradoodle She weighs 40 pounds.  You can see more about Ahsoka under "meet our Doddles" tab. Their puppies will be multigenerational and should be about 30-40 pounds.