Bearded Retriever Project

Life Span: 13 to 15 years or more

The Bearded Retriever is a medium to large sized companion breed that is bred to have a pleasant temperament, a biddable attitude, and a low-shedding coat.  

The Bearded Retriever is bred for health, temperament, and sound structure. Health testing is paramount in giving puppies the best chance at a long happy life. There are many health problems that dogs can pass onto the next generation, and so it’s crucial that dogs be health tested before they have offspring to minimize the possibility of passing issues to their puppies. Bearded Retrievers should have a very confident and friendly temperament. They should never show aggression or extreme submissiveness toward people or other dogs. Structure is also important, and often overlooked in retriever/poodle crossbreeds. A dog cannot have a long happy life if he/she has chronic pain in their joints or cannot get around.

Bearded Retrievers are a working dog whose job is to be an ideal companion, therapy dog, or service dog. They are bred to be reliable and obedient. They are hard working and driven, but not excessively hyper. They are gentle and good natured at all times. They are also natural retrievers and make excellent field dogs.

The Bearded Retriever is a mix of a Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle.  Our club was founded in 2012. We wanted to move away from the horrbile stigma of Doodles being "mutts" and prove that these dogs can be well breed amazing working dogs as well as companions. Goldendoodles have GANA, Australian Labradoodles have WALA or ALAA and we now have BRCA. 
We have a breed standard we follow closely and do OFA and genetic testing on all dogs prior to being bred to ensure the healthiest dogs possible. This breed is still in development but we are a group of breeders all working toward the same goal!


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