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Questions & Red Flags 

Finding an ethical, reputable breeder is hard.  There are so many back yard breeders, puppy mills, puppy brokers and scammers.  Even if you do not get a puppy from me, please ask your breeder these questions and look for these red flags to make sure you are getting a healthy, confident puppy that will come from health tested parents, raised on a puppy curriculum, from an ethical breeder and that actually EXITS!

When you talk to a breeder about a puppy, ask these questions first:

Can you send proof of parents health testing?


Do you have a contract?

Do you have a health guarantee?

     A reputable breeder will stand behind their puppies

Can you Face Time or call me?

     Although many reputable breeders do not breed until they have a deposit list so sometimes puppies aren't born yet- but, you can still ask to Face Time to see the person and parents dogs

How many breeding dogs do you have?


How many litters do you have per year? 

Where are the puppies raised? In their home or are the raised in a kennel or outbuilding?

What puppy curriculum do you raise puppies on?

This will help weed out the scammers and back yard breeders.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  There are thousands of groups and pages on social media that have puppies and dogs for adoption, rehoming and for sale.  Do not place a deposit for a puppy from a breeder just from a sales post on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.  Scammers steal breeders photos, make groups and pages and pretend they are the breeder.  There are many red flags from these scammers to watch for and I will post them- but, the easiest way not to get scammed is to not buy a puppy or place a deposit from a Facebook group, post or page alone. Real Breeders will have a website along with a Facebook or Instagram account. Their website can be found on Google because they have verified their address with them so they have an actual physical address (Please note that this does not mean they are ethical- just that they exist!).  Also check with your state- some states require breeders to be licensed in their county.

If you scroll through their Facebook or Instagram accounts they should be active with the breeder interacting with the followers and comments. 

*Reputable breeders want you to feel comfortable placing a deposit and purchasing a puppy from them so they will post lots of photos and videos of their home- where the puppies are raised, their dogs and other pets/family.  They will not hesitate to Facetime you or talk to you via phone.  They will show the parents health testing, offer a health guarantee and provide a contract for you to sign before you can place a deposit. They will also let you come to their home to pick put your puppy.


Their pages or Groups will have "Adoption", "Rehoming", "For Sale" in the Title (real breeders do not have these words in their kennel name)

They always post under other peoples comments in dog groups for you to "Join their new group of Doodle Lovers" or "Join our group for Sheepadoodle Puppies Adoption" or something to that effect.

Their English is always off.  Most are from another country so English isn't their native language and you can tell by their grammer, spelling mistakes, etc.

The group will may not allow comments and they are the only ones to post available puppies. The admin will say to "contact the admin for a list of verified breeders" or "Contact Admin for available puppies to avoid getting scammed".  Many times it will show that several comments have been posted but they have all been deleted (the deleted comments are from people warning you that it is a scam).

A newer method is they will have other fake profiles post on their group or page or leave a review claiming to have gotten a puppy from the admin of the group or breeder.  They will always say they are so happy to have found so-and-so because they  have been scammed in the past and and the transaction was perfect, and there will be a photo of a person or family with a puppy- which is a stolen photo.

Beware if the puppies are photographed in all different backgrounds. Pay attention to the background- does it match the season and place they are supposed to be in?  


If you click on their profile it may be completely locked down with no information, only have a few posts or profile pictures and usually no friends or comments. If  you can see their friends list they are from Cameroon or another country.  If you click on 'more info' their name will not match the name they signed up under or it will be all numbers because they have changed it so many times. Sometimes they will have several profile pictures with completely different people in them.

They will pressure you to place a deposit and tell you others are interested and to hurry or you will loose them.


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