Frequently Asked Questions 

We are happy to answer any questions about our dogs or inquiries about purchasing a puppy or dog from us. Below are some questions that frequently come up, but please contact us if you have any other questions!

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Purchasing A Puppy

How do I go about reserving or purchasing a puppy from Mule Mountain Doodles?

We ask that prospective puppy owners download and complete our Puppy Application and email that back to us. If appoved we will then send you our Puppy Contract outlining our policies and prices. If you decide to purchase a puppy, and after your Puppy Contract and Puppy Application have been reviewed, you can send along a deposit to secure a spot to get your forever pup!

How much is the deposit for a puppy reservation?

There is a $200 non-refundable deposit for a reservation. The balance will be due in cash when you come to pick up your puppy. As explained in the Puppy Contract, if the color or sex of your desired puppy is not available, you can either pick a different puppy from that litter or chose to wait for the next available litter. In the event of a small litter or false pregnancy you can have your deposit refunded or move to the next available litter.

Can my puppy be shipped?

Yes, your puppy can be shipped! This can be done through ground shipping or air shipping. If you choose ground transportation we do require the shipper be USDA certified and insured and the buyer is responsible for acquiring transportation. A. For air transport: You can have a us fly with your puppy in cabin only. We require the buyer to purchase an airline approved carrier as well as a veterinarian-certified health certificate for the airline. The cost varies depending on the cost of the roundtrip ticket. We do not allow our puppies to be flown through cargo as this causes your puppy additional stress. Your puppy may be flown in cabin only.

Puppy Care and Training

What type of food, how much, and how often should I feed my puppy?

We start our puppies on Purina Pro Plan- Puppy Chow. When you pick up your puppy, they get one-third cup, three times daily. It’s best to keep the puppy on this food for a week or two until they have adjusted to his new surroundings. If you decide to switch to another food, do it gradually. For the first couple days, mix 1/4 new food with 3/4 old; next, mix half and half; then 3/4 to 1/4. Follow the package directions for amounts as they grow. We will provide a starter pack of food for your puppy that you can begin to mix with your own. Make sure the puppy has access to water at all times, especially in summer.

What size crate will my puppy need?

We encourage getting the largest crate for your puppy that comes with a divider, this way, you can gradually allow your puppy more space as they grow. Also, this saves you money as you don't find yourself buying a new crate every time your puppy grows out of its old one.

How much should my puppy exercise?

Puppies will usually self-monitor their exercise. Let your puppy run and play until they are tired and then let her rest undisturbed. Don’t allow rough play with other dogs or children during the first year while the bones are developing. Injuries and strain during that time can lead to orthopedic problems later. Keep in mind that a 6-month-old puppy is like a 3-year-old child and should be protected from injury and stress. They are quite mischievous and will test their new environment, but will mainly do so out of curiosity.

How will my puppy be trained before I come to pick them up?

We start potty training your puppy at four weeks old. We teach them socialization, basic manners, how to sit, and how to walk on a leash. We start their crate training at six weeks old. We also use ENS training to help your puppy with how they manage their stress and how to place them on the Aptitude Test. We use Puppy Culture to train your puppy on socialization and how to be well-rounded. You can find more information on ENS and Puppy Culture on our Puppy Training page.

How should I train my puppy?

We recommend puppy obedience training in a group setting after necessary vaccinations. It’s easier to teach your puppy good manners in the beginning than to break bad habits later. Participating in a class helps with the puppy’s socialization with other dogs and other people. We also recommend using a pet training clicker when teaching your puppy and offer lots of treats and encouragement for even the smallest accomplishments. Remember, your puppy is just like a child and will get frustrated or bored before a ten-minute mark so does not overstimulate your puppy and try training them in small increments for the best results. This will keep your puppy excited and ready to learn. Baxter and Bella also have an online training program that you can when your puppy is still too young to be around other dogs or does not have their complete collection of shots. Contact us if you would like to learn more! You can find more information on our Puppy Training page.

Picking My Puppy & Taking Them Home

How and when do I get to pick out my puppy?

Pick order is determined by the order of the deposits received. As puppies change so much week to week, we wait until the six week before pick day is set and after Volhart Aptitude Testing. We will contact you and set up an appointment for you to pick out your puppy either in person or through video/texting. We will continue to update our Facebook page with pictures and videos of the puppies as they grow up. We will be happy to answer any questions to help you pick the right puppy for your needs.

When will my puppy be ready to come home?

Puppies can be picked up between eight and nine weeks. Puppies learn valuable lessons about dog behavior by staying with the mom and littermates up to that time. If the puppy stays longer than nine weeks, additional charges may be incurred for vaccinations and care.

What if I have last pick?

Don't worry if you have "last" pick. We've found that most people usually end up with one of their favorites even if they get the last puppy of the litter. We can tell you from experience that the last puppy is just as special, if not in some cases, an even better pick for your family than the first picked puppy.

What should I bring when I come to pick up my puppy?

A small crate or carrier will work best to keep your puppy safe while traveling. Your puppy will feel more secure in a small space with familiar objects. We will send along with a blanket or toy with scent from Mom and the litter. We will also include a starter pack of food and it would be a good idea to bring water for the trip and something for your puppy to chew on. Your puppy should have their starter manners when it comes to walking on a leash so you can bring along a leash for them if you wish. Have some paper towels, rags or baby wipes and trash bags available for cleanup. Don't forget a pee pad to bring so that your puppy can go on something clean as an extra precaution as your puppy does not have all of their shots yet.

How can I keep my puppy comfortable while traveling and adjusting to their new surroundings?

Puppies occasionally get motion sickness so we avoid feeding them right before travel. Small "snacks" of food spaced out over the trip is better than gulping down a big meal. If driving, expect to stop every three hours for a potty break and stretch. If the puppy seems scared or overwhelmed while in their crate, it is okay to get them out and hold them to comfort them. A. Puppies may shiver or shake if they get cold or stressed. Keep the puppy warm while traveling and while they adjust to a new environment or climate. Let them play, but avoid too much excitement or overstimulation and let them sleep undisturbed.

Breeding Rights & Registration

What is Mule Mountain Doodle's policy on breeding rights?

We typically retain breeding rights on puppies we sell, we believe dogs should only be bred if their attributes will contribute to the quality or improvement of the breed. We will consider lifting your dog's breeding rights if it meets certain criteria for conformation, performance, and health. Specific criteria are outlined in our Puppy Contract.

What should I consider if I want to breed my dog?

If you are considering breeding in the future, please discuss your plans with us before purchasing a puppy. We will help you choose a puppy that is breeding quality. It's important to us that future breeders are knowledgeable about Labradoodles or Sheepadoodles; there is no breed standard (yet) but structure, health and temperment play a vital rolse in a breeding prospect. Caring for breeding females and young puppies require a significant commitment of time and resources. Many unforeseen circumstances can arise during pregnancy, whelping, and early puppy development that can lead to stressful situations and costly medical procedures. Please weigh your decision carefully. More information can be found in the Puppy Contract and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Can I register my Doodle?

Unfortunately, no, because a Doodle is not a purebred dog but a hybrid and can not be AKC registered for that reason.

Getting Involved

What if I want to make my dog a service dog?

If you are seeking your puppy to be an emotional or service support dog then please let us know so that we can pick the right puppy for you. There is o guarantee that the puppy will pass service training. Look into training services in or area your area and we can work with them to find you the right puppy for your needs.

How can I get my dog involved in activites?

There are many clubs and organizations in your area that you can look into. Joining these groups will help you meet helpful people who may be more knowledgeable in the activities and can help you a lot more than we can. For example, we are a part of the AZ Dock Diving Club that we found locally and they have taught us a lot.
Additionally, if you want to start training your puppy before they have their complete vaccinations you can get your puppy started in the AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Program.

What If I Can't Keep My Dog?

What if something changes and I can not keep my dog?

We care about every puppy we produce and do not want any of them to go to an animal shelter or be rehomed multiple times. We want to be the first to know if you must give up your dog for any reason as it is required for you to give us the dog back if you have to rehome them for any reason. We will help find a suitable home and it is required for the sole reason of making sure our dogs do not end up in the shelter.