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Beat The Heat with Your Doodle!

As the temperature heats up- outdoor activities become limited, especially here in Arizona! The concrete is way too hot- even the hiking trails close when the temperature reaches 100 degrees.

So what can you do to keep your dog exercised and happy during the summer months? There are several easy ways to keep them entertained mentally and physically- all with out breaking the bank!

Flirt Poles: Everyone needs a flirt pole for their pup. They come in many sizes and have different toys you can attach to them like balls or fluffy tails. You can even make your own! The best part is you can use them indoors as well as outdoors. All dogs enjoy stalking, chasing and catching their "prey". Its a great way to get some energy out inside the house! Always remember to go slow so that your dog can catch it. This helps complete the mental "circle" of stalk, chase, catch that dogs need. If a dog never gets to complete this you end up with a dog with no "off switch" because they will constantly be searching for it and that will cause unwanted behaviors.

Snuffle Matts: These are a great way to hide treats in or feed a whole. You don't need to buy a fancy one- you can make your own by knotting treats up in an old towel, putting strips of cloth with treats inside a netted ball, etc. Of course if you would rather buy one there are literally thousands to choose from. Even if your pup only takes a few minutes to complete this task that is still really good for their mental health.

Lick Mats: Another great choice for a few minutes of mental exercise! you can use peanut butter, yogurt, etc. to smear on the mat for a yummy treat. They have regular single mats as well as puzzle mats for more of a challenge. Try freezing it for a cool treat and to make it last longer! There are thousands of recipes online for doggie approved treats!

Kongs, Orbees and Topls are all great ways to keep your pup occupied! There are hundreds of different toys out there but those are my favorite and the only ones my tough chewer can't destroy! Again, there are thousands of recipes out there and you can freeze them.

Nose work: Get your dog started in nose work! This one requires only treats. All dogs have a great sniffer. Get them thinking and searching for treats, the smellier the better! Start out slow and easy but tossing the treat where they can it and tell them 'Find it!' Once they understand the concept let them see you hiding them- in plain sight. Again ask the to 'Find it! ' (You may need to coach and point to get them to figure it out at first but they will catch on!). Just a few minutes a day does amazing things for your dog. You can continue with more and more challenging places to hide them as they progress- even putting them inside other containers if they are super good at getting to the treats quickly!

If you need to walk your dog do it very early in the morning or very late at night. Stay off the blacktop! There several brands of dog boots you can get if you need to walk them on hot surfaces.

Please keep your pups safe this summer!

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