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DIY Homemade Training Treats!

We go through a TON of training treats in our home. Repetition is key to training! We only use the best treats we can find so it got expensive real quick. I was always breaking them up because they were too big as well- you want a tiny morsel for each treat. So I decided to make my own! It saves a lot of money and I know EXACTLY what is in the treats I am feeding them.

You can get a silicone candy baking mat from any store or you can order a "dog specific" baking pad from Amazon. They will all work just fine. The mat I have here makes 468 training treats! We alternate between several recipes- but all contain something like tuna, cheese, anchovies- something stinky that gets their 'smelling' attention. The higher the value- the easier it is to keep their attention and train. Some dogs aren't very food motivated so you may have to play around with ingredients and find what your dog LOVES. These are also great for scent games!

You just choose a recipe (there are hundreds on the internet) make your batter, smear it onto the mold and bake. Easy Peezy! We store them in a glass jar and the are the perfect size for my clip on treat holder.

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