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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

This doodle doesn't even look really matted. The owners were brushing the coat every other day. What they weren't doing was getting all the way to the skin when they brushed him. They were just brushing through the top layer of the hair. This is very easy to do if you don't know how to properly brush your Doodle.

Grooming is a HUGE part of you and your dogs life from the time they are only a few months old but, many do not understand the commitment they need to make to their pups coat to ensure is is heathy and matt-free. Even if you are going to have your dog professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks you still need to dedicate a few days a week to brush them.

You will need greyhound comb and a quality curved pin slicker brush to brush properly. "Line brushing" is the only way to ensure you get all the way to the skin and brush through the entire coat. There are several videos online and on You Tube that can teach you how to do it. There is also a group on Face Book Called DIY Doodle Grooming that is amazing and has professional groomers in it to help you learn to bathe, dry and brush your dog properly. If you want to learn to groom your dog yourself that group is a great place to start!

I hear so many times when a doodle owner takes their dog in and say it came home "Poodled". Groomers don't want to shave your Doodle- I promise they don't! They aren't lazy either.

If your Doodle comes home shaved down it's because removing matts is very painful for the dog and shaving them down is the most pain-free and humane way to remove them.

So, always take the time to brush your pup! Not only will it keep your pups coat from becoming matted- its a great time to bond with them as well as look them over to see if there may be any changes or concerns that may need attention.

Please teach them proper manners so when they go the groomers they will be able to get a good even grooming done!

These shaggy dogs require a lot of maintenance to keep their coat soft and beautiful. Put the time and effort in. Your Doodle and your groomer will thank you!

You can visit our website under the Grooming tab to see what items we suggest to make grooming at home easier and well as a video and links that you will find useful!

This is a great video that shows you how to line brush!

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